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Meet the team
  • Anne Henderson

    Consultant Gynaecologist

    I have been a Consultant within the NHS and private sectors for 15 years. During this time, I have witnessed many changes within both sectors, but I remain convinced that consultant-led care, such that which exists within the private sector, is the best model available. This offers patients complete continuity of care, as well as the expertise and experience which comes with the extensive training undergone by UK consultants.

    I studied medicine at Cambridge University, before completing my clinical training at Guy’s Hospital in London (MA MB BChir, MRCOG). 

    I continued my specialist training in the South East, mainly at Kings College Hospital, then finally in the Wessex region.  I have been a Consultant at Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust for nearly 15 years and have a busy practice covering both obstetrics and gynaecology.  My main area of clinical research was into the menopause, PMS and post natal depression, with particular emphasis on the benefits of hormonal therapy for these conditions.  My surgical areas of interest include minimal access surgery (both laparoscopic and hysteroscopic), outpatient procedures, pelvic and vulval pain as well as general gynaecological procedures such as hysterectomy and prolapse surgery.

    I am a strong advocate of multi-disciplinary care, and have included complementary therapies within my private practice for several years, working closely with a local Medical Herbalist, Anita Ralph, with whom I jointly run the Integrated Gynaecology Clinic.   There have undoubtedly been significant recent advances in conventional medicine, particularly the trend towards outpatient management of menstrual problems, but I think there is a valid role for the inclusion of herbal therapies in routine practice, a view which is supported by sound scientific evidence. I also believe that nutritional support can be invaluable in the management of many gynaecological conditions, and work with Katie Peck, of PeckNutrition to ensure my patients have direct access to sound advice.

    I pride myself in running a private practice where there is an extremely high standard of professionalism, where patients are directly involved in their care and management at all stages, and where new techniques and advances play a central role, which ensures that patients are offered the best possible care regardless of their age or diagnosis.

  • Judith Holdstock


    I joined the practice two years ago in 2011, having had an extensive background in managing a busy private psychiatric team.  My role is to make the patient experience as streamlined, efficient and enjoyable as possible.  I am always here to help address any concerns and to help steer you through the sometimes difficult and stressful process of making a private medical insurance claim.  This can be more fraught than patients anticipate and part of my role is using my expertise to help you through each stage.  I am readily available via phone, mobile and email, and always happy to take your queries, aiming to respond as soon as possible, and usually within 24 hours.  I pride myself on being approachable and friendly during what can be a stressful time for many patients.

    I was born and bred in Sunderland and despite living “down South” for 20 years, have retained not only my Northern accent, but I like to think I have also kept  the Northeners' strong work ethic, combined with a sense of humour, which always helps in times of stress!

  • Anita

    Medical Herbalist

    As a Medical Herbalist, I combine the traditional knowledge and techniques of herbal medicine with modern pharmacological research to provide an effective and complementary approach, in conjunction with conventional medicine.

     Having gained a degree in BSc honours in Herbal Medicine, I have kept up to date with the latest knowledge and advancements by continuing training through mandatory annual updates. I began training in 1987 and became a member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists in 1991, before completing an MSc in herbal medicine in 2006, so I have years of extensive experience within the specialty.

    Since 2006 I have regularly seen patients at the Integrated Gynaecology Clinic which I run in conjuntion with Anne Henderson. This innovative clinic has provided help for women with complex pelvic and vulval pain, amongst other conditions. In particular we have had considerable success in treating menopausal patients whom evidence suggests tolerate herbal medicine very well and is an arguably safer alternative to convential HRT. 

    Medical herbalists are interested in the whole body and not merely isolated symptoms. We prescribe treatments suited to the complexity of patient physiology and take a holistic appoach to all conditions. Following the initial consultation, should you decide to proceed with treatment, I would look at changing areas of your lifestyle, alongside herbal medicine, prepared as a unique prescription to you. 


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  • Katie


    Based in West Malling, I run a dietetic and nutrition consultancy called Peck Nutrition. My goal is to be a source of information and advice for women looking to improve all aspects of the health through the use of healthy nutrition plans. Working closely with Anne, I can improve the health of women across an extensive age range. Good nutrition and following a well balanced diet can be of great benefit to improving many female health issues such as PCOS, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Endometriosis, PMT, fertility and menopausal weight gain. In addition to treating the above health issues, I also advise women on how to control levels of body fat to improve health and energy levels. 

    In many cases dietetic advice can be covered by medical insurance.  If you would like further information about any of my services please do not hesitate to contact me either via Judith or the link below to my website.


  • Anaesthetic Support


    Anaesthetic cover for inpatient surgical proceures is provided by West Kent Anaesthetic Group (WKAG), a group of highly experienced and dedicated consultant anaesthetists who cover all aspects of the speciality.  All modern anaesthetic techniques and developments are available, including sedation, regional analgesic and anaesthesia (spinal and epidural blocks).  Additional services include 24/7 anaesthetic cover at consultant level and access to a specialist Pain Management Team.  Where patients pose a higher anaesthetic risk or have particular medical needs, outpatient and pre-operative consultations are also available. 


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